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Comprehensive hosting-web-app service in terms of speed, cross-platform class. Chosen by business people and enthusiasts of speed and high performance.
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Speed ​​always comes first

We are always looking for ways to learn and research so that your website can run as fast as possible. 

Secure and powerful

Secure and robust by adopting the latest technologies used by major platforms.

High efficiency and performance

Economic efficiency thanks to high efficiency. New technology saves costs, bringing about peer-to-peer competition between small projects and large platforms.

Continuous innovation

Always choose to update new technology platforms, efficiency, high performance, security is our vital factor.


Imagine we are not car manufacturers like Yamaha, Honda, Ferrari, Mercedes...We are custom car brands like Brabus, Mansory, Misha Designs. The same in the technology world, we select the best technology from different framework and apply it to your system.

Super Speed ​​ExHost for Wordpress

Forget about SSD high speed Hosting ads. 

With new block storage technology from Europe, your website load speed increases x2 times compared to basic SSD Hosting.

ExTurbo speed up website

We will analyze and optimize your website. Help website load under 3s/2s/1s. 

This is a standard mentioned by Google when evaluating website rankings. 

If your website is written or designed according to SEO standards, but it loads more than 3s slowly, it has failed.


Multi-platform including website - App on IOS, App on Android. 

Integrate the latest and most modern technologies that some major platforms such as Facebook, Google, reddit, .. are using into your technology platform.

Make your technology platform powerful, optimized and efficient. Increase your brand's influence and presence on all fronts and platforms.

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Customers have the same passion and opinion as us
  • Efficient and economical...

    Thanks to Extact, I have my own shop selling rice husk sandals, running as fast as an e-commerce platform. The more customers come from the website and save money on advertising on the platforms. Thank you very much Extact.com!

    Duong Le Thai Binh

  • Supper fast!

    Using Extact's acceleration service provides you with a much faster website. Customers who ordered their salmon online were no longer complaining. 

    Quoc Nam

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100/20 Street 147, Phuoc Long B Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City

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