What does ExMPlat have?

Web Design

Design SEO standard website, beautiful and professional. Unify branding and data with other platforms.

Mobile Apps

Mobile application on Android and Ios platforms. Synchronize brand image and data with the website.

CRM All In One

Centrally manage all sales channels: FB chat box, Form, Email Marketing, .. Store, synchronize, and manage your own customer information. We do not interfere.

Premium Hosting

Upgrading to the host running on a separate server makes the system more stable. Absolute security. Meet cross-platform needs.

Business Email

Be professional by using email with your domain name. Integrate sending and receiving with Gmail utility.


Of course, it will include a maximum speedup service for the website to be able to handle queries from many different platforms.


The wise decision lies with you. We will accompany you throughout your business development journey.


Upgrading host infrastructure
Full Features ExMPlat
Offer a loan guarantee at creditbird.vn worth: $42
Free FanPage 2000 users when paying for 3 years.


Host private server
Web-App cross-platform data homogenization.
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